Kristen Blake slaps Stefano DiMera (DAYS late 1996)

Stefano and Kristen Blake DAYS OF OUR LIVES c. late 1996. 

Kristen Blake slaps Stefano DiMera after she finds out her brother Peter Blake is alive due to Stefano's uncanny powers of resurrection

Kristen: Oh my God this was you? I should've known. 

Stefano: You don't understand, Kristen. 

Kristen: I don't. Are you trying to kill me? I will never forgive you for this. 

-- Kristen slaps Stefano across the face --

Stefano: That is the second time that you have raised a hand to me. Only one other person has ever struck me. Only one. And that person will live to regret it.

Kristen: You tell me you love me and yet you keep trying to destroy my life. When I was just a little girl you told you my mother was dead and now this. And now this! I can't even begin to explain the excruciating pain I've been in and it's because of you!

Stefano: Yes Kristen I feel your pain and I do understand this anger but, if you ever -- ever -- touch me again in anger there will be no forgiveness and you will feel my wrath. Do I make myself clear?

Eileen Davidson and Joseph Mascolo
DAYS OF OUR LIVES c. late 1996