My Top Ten(ish) for the DCnU

The DCnU officially kicks off August 31st with the release of JUSTICE LEAGUE #1.  While I'm not as psyched for JL as I am for a host of the other 52, the preview art, the blurbs, the teases and the enthusiasm that DCE is showing for the DCnU has infected me.  

This little black duck is HELLA excited to get his hands on these books.  

The books I've added to my pull list has changed sightly since all of the books were announced and I made my knee-jerk choices.

Of the "52," I will NOT be picking up the following series:  BLUE BEETLECAPTAIN ATOMDC UNIVERSE PRESENTSGREEN ARROWOMAC and STATIC SHOCK.  The COLLECTOR in me thought about picking up all of the #1s just because, but the CONSTANT READER won out and I decided to opt out of buying all 52.  (However, if those books have good buzz once they're a couple issues in, I may end up getting them.)

As for the series I am getting, BATWOMAN (natch!) tops the list of books I'm most looking forward to.  It's been almost two years since the brilliant ELEGY and GO were published, so it is long past time her series launched.

My top (slightly more than) ten DCnU books:

(1) BATWOMAN – this will be brilliant.  'Nuff said. 
(2) SWAMP THING – Scott Snyder killed it on his DETECTIVE COMICS run. I know he'll do well by my ol' muck encrusted mockery of a man.
(3) ACTION COMICS – Grant Morrison + Clark Kent = brilliance. 
(4) JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK – Over in HELLBLAZERPeter Milligan is writing THE best John Constantine I've read in over a decade.  If he brings even half of that awesomeness to JL DARK, the book will be fabulous. 
(5) BATGIRL – Gail Simone KNOWS Barbara Gordon better than any writer out there.  I know she'll do well by Babs and knock this series out of the park.

(6) FRANKENSTEIN, AGENT OF S.H.A.D.E. – if Jeff Lemire maintains the tone of the Frankie FLASHPOINT mini-series, I expect this to be a winner.
(7) I, VAMPIRE – Chances are this series will be more "TWILIGHT" (no that there's anything wrong with that) than "TRUE BLOOD."  The interior art released so far is striking.  Maybe they'll surprise me and this series will be DARK SHADOWS with a TRUE BLOOD twist. Either way, I am onboard the vamp express train to Collinsport
(8) JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL – I'm looking forward to this more than the main JL book.  There's no pretense to be THE groundbreaking series or the anchor of the DCnU or to prove anything to the fanboys, so this should just be good ol' fashioned JLI fun.
(9) LEGION LOST and LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES – I know they're being helmed by different creative teams, but it's the LSH and they both feature some of my favorite LSHers, so they go together like rama lama lama de ding a de dinga a dong.
(10a) NIGHTWING – Dick Grayson is one of MY characters, so I'll always get whichever book he stars in.  The previews for the series look sharp and I like the new color scheme of his costume.
(10b) HAWK AND DOVE – Like some other characters, Hank Hall and Dawn Granger have always been MY characters. Like 10a, the preview art looks sharp and so do the new characters.
(10c) ALL-STAR WESTERN – I didn't read the previous JONAH HEX series.  But with this book set in THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #4 Gotham City, I am on board!!! 


  1. HRB, Did you pick up FP#5 and JL #1 last night?

    I was surprised with how many people came out at midnight to pick them up at my LCS last night.

    What did you think? I enjoyed them both. I loved the end of FP#5 with Barry and Bruce, it was a bittersweet ending to the old DCU. The hole midnight release was fun and just added to the excitement of getting the DCnU.

  2. I wanted to go last night at midnight, but I have a difficult time staying awake past 10:00 on weekends, so there was no way I could have stayed awake to be there for midnight. My natural state of being is unconscious. It's a chore to stay awake. :)

    The main FLASHPOINT mini-series was not good until the end – the scene with Bruce and Barry was awesome and it made the whole thing worth it.

    The only spin-off mini-series I read in full were THE OUTSIDER, FRANKENSTEIN and KNIGHT OF VENGEANCE.

    As I was reading JL, I kept rolling my eyes and thinking "this is the anchor to the new initiative?" But the more I think about the issue, the more I'm starting to appreciate it and like it. I'm going to need to read it a few times and then read the arc all at once, which is the way a lot of Johns' stories need to be read.