The DCnU Books....

My Thoughts on the DCnU 52….

I’ve broken the 52 down to 5 tiers.
Tier ONE: books I’m most looking forward to. I expect them to be terrific based on creative team, concept (blurb) and character(s).
Tier TWO: books I’m looking forward to, but fall just below the Tier ONE books;
Tier THREE: books I’m getting based on the writer, artist or both, but not necessarily the character(s).
Tier FOUR: books I’m getting based on the character(s) or concept, in spite of or regardless of the creative team; the blurb piqued my interest.
Tier FIVE: books I have little to no interest in; I may get them because I’m a sucker for DCE products, but I may skip them entirely. I won’t decide until I get my September order form.


 Written by Grant Morrison
 Art by Rags Morales
This series is the anchor of the DCnU.  With Morrison writing it, that means the anchor will hold the DCnU line in place with the brilliance, the majesty and the power that the character of Superman demands. There, I said it!

 Written by Gail Simone
 Art by Ardian Syaf
Simone writing Babs?  I’m sold.  Syaf on the art?  Wonderful!  I was always against Babs walking again, but after reading Gail’s comments about the book, I’m psyched for this!!!  I do understand how this change will disappoint people who looked up to Babs (not to mention the Steph fans, of which I am one) for the way the character evolved after the trauma of THE KILLING JOKE and built herself up through the years into one of the most powerful characters in the DCU.  But things change and it’s something you have to accept and move on from.  Her Oracle stories will always be there to be read over and over again.

 Written by Scott Snyder
 Art by Greg Capullo
I know Snyder is going to write a brilliant series.  I don’t know anything about Capullo’s art, but he’s EYEtalian, so he can’t be all that bad.

 Written by Peter Tomasi
 Art by Patrick Gleason
This will ROCK!!! ‘Nuff said.

 Written by JH Williams III and Haden Blackman
 Art by JHW III and Amy Reeder
Anyone who knows me knows THIS will be the book I look forward to the most in September.  It’s already a brilliant series and it hasn’t even launched yet!

 Written by Kyle Higgins
 Art by Joe Bennett
Slade is one of MY characters, so I will be getting this book.  I don’t know much about Higgins’ writing, but Bennett (when he’s on) kills on art. I hope they bring back the essence of the Slade of old – from his NEW TEEN TITANS days.

 Writing and art by Tony Daniel
Tony Daniel is killing on BATMAN, so this series should continue that trend.  I hope he keeps THE LONG HALLOWEEN mythology going in this run as well.

 Written by Jeff Lemire
 Art by Alberto Ponticelli
Lemire hasn’t disappointed me yet and I did push for this series, so of course I’m looking forward to it.  The little girl to the right of Frankie on the cover of #1 looks like Gogo from KILL BILL. I’m glad The Bride is also going to be in the book.  Maybe Lemire will delve into the history of the two a bit…including The Bride’s encounter with the Red Swami….

 Written by Peter Tomasi
 Art by Fernando Pasarin
They rock it on the EMERALD WARRIORS every month, so I expect this book to be of the same quality.

 Written by Sterling Gates
 Art by Rob Liefeld
Ok, everyone’s whining about Liefeld (I’ve always liked his work and he did draw the mini-series that brought H&D into the post CRISIS DCU.), butGates is a sterling (ha ha) writer.  I’ll be there for the whole run of this book, since Hank and Dawn are two of MY characters.  I’m quite impressed that Liefeld drew nice, normal feet in the promo art.

 Written by Peter Milligan
 Art by Mikel Janin (who?)
I knew it!  I knew, as soon as it was announced that the DCU Vertigo characters would be moved away from Vertigo, they’d place Constantine on a “super-team,” even if it’s meant to be a “dark” team.  But since it’s written by Milligan, I have faith that he’ll make it work.

 Written by Dan Jurgens
 Art by Aaron Lopresti
Sold!!!  This creative team will rock!!!  There, I said it!  Bonus: August General in Iron is on the team, so The Great Ten are still around in the DCnU.But what happened to the mysterious brunette….

 Written by Fabian Nicieza
 Art by Pete Woods
TellusDawnstarWildfireGates and Timber Wolf – some of my favorite LSHersNicieza is a great writer and Woods is a great artist.  This should ROCK!!!

 Written by Paul Levitz
 Art by Francis Portela
Levitz + LSH = platinum!!!

 Written by Tony Bedard
 Art by Tyler Kirkham
They do not nail it every month on the current GLC series, but Kyle is MY Green Lantern and he’s leading the pack in the book.  I’ve liked the “Rainbow Corps” since they first started popping up.  It should be fun to read how Kyle keeps the team together.

 Written by Kyle Higgins 
 Art by Eddy Barrows
I'm glad Grayson is going to be around and I do like Barrows' art, but Higgins is a fairly unknown commodity to me.  The costume looks sharp with the red and the black. Grayson is one of MY characters, so of course I’ll be getting this and I’m looking forward to rationale being explored for why he moved back to being Nightwing.

 Written by Peter Milligan
 Art by Ed Benes
The Red Lanterns are my second favorite Corps (after Larfleeze), so I’ll be there for this one. Plus, Milligan is killing on HELLBLAZER right now.  With the Red Lanterns steeped in occult and horror elements, this should rock under Milligan’s pen.  I’m hoping Milligan delves into the distance past ofAtrocitus and the other Inversions. I’m also hoping that Dex-Starr gets some spotlight stories.

 Written by Scott Snyder
 Art by Yannick Paquette
I was always against Alec returning to the DCU and I always wrote that if he did, then a root to treetop reboot would be needed.  I wonder if this will be that type of reboot?  I trust Scott Snyder to make it work and I do love Paquette’s art, so this will be a terrific series.  I do hope that Abby (and Arcane) and Matt are part of the story.  I doubt my beloved TefĂ© will be in the book, though.


 Written by Jeff Lemire
 Art by Travel Foreman (who? Why “Travel?”  Why not “Voyage?”) and Dan Green
So far Lemire has yet to disappoint me, so this should be interesting and the preview art is quite creepy.

 Written by Geoff Johns
 Art by Doug Mahnke
They rock it on the current GL series every month, so I’ll be there for this one. I’m quite glad Mahnke is staying on GL.

 Written by Josh Fialkov (who?)
 Art by Andrea Sorrentino (who?  She’s an EYEtie, so that’s a plus)
The preview art looks fabulous.  I’ve always liked Andrew Bennett (from the few stories I read that featured him) and I think it’s time to finally read his whole HOUSE OF MYSTERY run.  I’m looking forward to this one.

 Written by Geoff Johns
 Art by Jim Lee.
Starring SupesBatsWWHal’s GLAquamanCyborg and a Flash (which Flash – Barry or Wally – is still unknown [as far as I know]).  I know Johns will knock this out of the park, but I’m skeptical (to say the least) about Jim Lee’s ability to produce a monthly series….monthly.  Unless they’ve been working on this for a year already (which is quite possible, considering all the rumors) and have a good number of issues already completed, then I’ll be irked when the inevitable delays begin.  I know this is set in the early days of the RISE OF THE DCnU SUPER-HEROES, but that won’t bother me as long as the stories are good.

 Written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning
 Art by Fernando Dagnino
Heck yeah!!!  The first series rocked and I expect this series to ROCK!!! 

 Written by Scott Lobdell
 Art by Brett Booth
ConnerBartCassie and Tim’s costume redesigns look sharp! Although, I don’t care for the stupid tattoo on Conner.  I’ll be getting this and even though I am a bit unsure about the concept, it’s intriguing enough that I have it on tier two.


 Written by Duane Swierczynski (who?)
 Art by Jesus Saiz
I love Love LOVE Jesus Saiz’s art.  That alone is enough for me to pick this up.

 Writing and art by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato
At least the art will be awesome.  I have no idea what to expect from the writing on this one or which Flash it will feature.  But Manapul’s art is stunning, so that’s the main draw.

 Written by Ethan Van Sciver and Gail Simone
 Art by Yildiray Cinar
Because of Gail on the co-writing duties, I’m giving this series a try.  I know the art will be good, too.  I’ve never been a fan of Ronnie or Jason, so I’ll really only be getting this book for Gail.

 Written by Dan DiDio
 Art by Keith Giffen
Oy vey….DiDio is not a good writer.  I’ll try this one based solely on Kirby’s creation and my admiration for Giffen’s art.

 Written by Tony Daniel
 Art by Philip Tan
I’ve been loving Daniel’s writing on BATMAN and I do like Tan’s art, but I’ve never cared much for Hawkman.  Like FoF above, I’ll be trying this out based on the writing and art.

 Written by George Perez
 Art by Jesus Merino
I don’t know what to expect from this and I’m not digging the new costume. But I like the artist and the writer and this IS Superman.


 Written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti
 Art by Moritat (who?)
The last time (RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #4) I read a story with Jonah Hex in Gotham it ROCKED!  I’m not a Western fan, but I’m in for this one because of Hex in Gotham City.

 Written by Geoff Johns
 Art by Ivan Reis
I’ve always (ALWAYS!!!) liked Aquaman. I know Johns can write a killer Aquaman story, but with the way he (and Tomasi) pandered to Reis in BRIGHTEST DAY, I expect this to be a highly decompressed series with lots of splash pages, two page spreads and all-important pin-ups and poses from the series’ leads. In between all of that, we should get three or four pages of actual story per issue.

 Written by Judd Winick
 Art by Ben Oliver
Oy vey....this will be the book where Winick can preach and show all the readers (yet again) how much his heart bleeds.  But an African “Batman” is rife with good story potential.

 Written by Mike Costa
 Art by Ken Lashley
This looks very interesting.  Are they all new characters?

 Written by Judd Winick
 Art by Guillem March
Oy vey….  I love Selina. If Winick brings his POWER GIRL writing to this book, then it will rock. If Winick brings his preachy, “let’s undermine the character” writing, this book will stink.

 Written by Paul Cornell
 Art by Diogenes Neves and Oclair Albert
Oy vey….I had hoped NOT to see Cornell’s name on ANY relaunched books. I do like the setting and the artist, so I will (grudgingly) give this a try.

 Written by Nathan Edmondson (who?)
 Art by Cafu
I love Cafu’s art, but I know very little about Cole Cash.  However, I love his costume.  I’m going to try this one out.

 Written by Eric Wallace
 Art by Roger Robinson
I have no idea what to expect from the art and Wallace has been trying admirably (but failing) to make TITANS readable, but it’s long past time that Mr. Terrific was given his own ongoing. I don’t know how long it will ultimately run, but I’ll be getting this.  

 Written by Ivan Brandon
 Art by Tom Derenick 
Hmm….another book that looks interesting

 Written by Paul Cornell
 Art by Miguel Sepulveda (who?)
Oy vey….why Why WHY do they give books to Cornell?  I’ll get this because of the intermingling of WildStorm and the DCU = Martian Manhunter running interference for Midnighter and Apollo; but really, Cornell is a subpar writer and I have no faith that he will make this work.  

 Written by Michael Green and Mike Johnson
 Art by Mahmud Asrar
I’m only getting this for the character and to complete my Superman Family of Books.

 Written by Scott Lobdell
 Art by R.B. Silva
I’m only getting this for the character and to complete my Superman Family of Books.

 Written by Brian Azzarello
 Art by Cliff Chiang
The cover in the promo is hideous. I know Chiang is capable of awesome art, so I don’t know what he was thinking with that dreadful cover.  The only things written by Azzarello that I enjoyed have been 100 BULLETS and DR. 13: ART AND ARCHITECTURE. So I’ll be going in expecting this to stink as far as the writing is concerned, but it’s Wonder Woman and I cannot skip her book.


I’m very much up in the air about these series.  I’m going to need to read more print about these books and see more of the art.

 Written by Tony Bedard
 Art by Ig Guara (who?)
I like, but have never really been a fan of the Jamie Reyes BB.  As of this posting, I’m not getting this book. If something more is revealed (like back-ups or flashbacks about the other Blue Beetles) as the countdown to launch ticks away, I may change my mind.

 Written by JT Krul
 Art by Freddie Williams III
Another character I never cared for and another book I am waiting to read more about before signing off on it.

 “Written” by David Finch
 Art by Jay Fabok
Purely a vanity piece and most likely won’t be worth the effort to read. 

 Written by Paul Jenkins
 Art by Bernard Chang
I don’t care for Deadman, so I might actually pass on the first arc.

 Written by JT Krul
 Art by Dan Jurgens
I was extremely disappointed with the previous GA series (it had to much potential), so I’m still up in the air on whether or not I’ll be getting this series.

 Written by Scott Lobdell
 Art by Kenneth Rocafort (who?)
Jason ToddRoy Harper and Starfire • never three of my favorites, but I'll give this one a try if only to see what Lobdell has in store for the characters.

 Written by John Rozum and Scott McDaniel
 Art by Scott McDaniel
I’ve never cared for Static.  But I love McDaniel’s art and Rozum is a terrific writer, so I may give this one a chance to grab me.

 Written by Adam Glass (who?)
 Art by Marco Rudy
I don’t like the DCnU look for Harley.  As wicked and evil as Harley could be, she also had an air of innocence about her.  There is no air of innocence about NuHarley, at least as far as her look is concerned. I do love Marco Rudy’s art, so that may a good enough reason for me to pick this one up.  But the NuHarley places this book in TIER FIVE.

VOODOO #1 (who?)
 Written by Ron Marz
 Art by Sami Basri
I have no idea who this character is. Is she the Voodoo from the WildStorm universe?


  1. I really enjoyed your breakdown on all the new titles coming out.

  2. Thank you!!!  :)
    The “TIER ONE” books are enough for me to be HELLA excited for the DCnU.  Even though I’m going to dearly miss some of MY series – SECRET SIX; Steph Brown’s BATGIRL; JSoA – there is enough in the DCnU to keep me interested.
    Also, I think that the majority “missing” characters will show up at some point during the first six months of the new series, so I can hold back my anger about those characters for now.
    I think the more DCE reveals (in bits and pieces) the outlines and directions for the new books – i.e. which time zones they are set; the general tone for each series subset; the general “mythology” for each “family” of books, etc. – the more naysayers will come around and begin to embrace the change.

  3. I agree with you here.

    I am excited about a lot of the new books, and I know once there here and I start reading them its going to be sweet.

    Steph Borwn's Batgirl was the most upsetting thing for me but I have faith that DC will do something cool with her. Her book was doing to good to just forget about.

    I feel the same way about the "missing characters" as you call them. I sure they will show up in other titles.

    The Batwoman, and Morrison's Action are the 2 I am most excited for. Scott Snyders Swamp Thing has me pretty excited too.

    What I really want to do is get all of the #1 and then weed it down to the story's that I really liked. Its hard for me to say now what ones are going to be really good. Right now most of them seem like that have a lot of potential to be great.

  4. I just thought I would post these questions here.

    What do you think of Flashpoint so far?

    Did you read the Brightday Aftermath: Swamp? and if so what did you think?

    Scott Snyder's Batman: gates of Gotham has been hitting it out of the park! what are your thoughts on it?

    What else have you been enjoying?

  5. So far, I am 50-50 on FLASHPOINT.
    Some have been pretty weak – LOIS LANE, SECRET 7, EMPEROR AQUAMAN.
    The second issue of the main book was pretty decent too.

    I actually enjoyed SEARCH FOR SWAMPY. I know it's getting panned left and right and except for some of the Constantine dialogue/narration, it wasn't bad.

    GATES OF GOTHAM has been fantastic!!! I'm loving the story and the art and I love that it kind of relates back to some fo the historical elements from RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE.

    Are you reading PLANET OF THE APES? It's from Boom! Studios. So far, it's been terrific.

    What about you?

    Did you read SUPERMAN #712? I was floored! I didn't expect to see Krypto on the cover and the story was wonderful.

  6. I'm only getting the main book for Flashpoint.
    So far I have liked it. Thomas Wayne's Batman is pretty good. I decided to pick up all the tie in when the HC comes out. Some of the tie in looks great and its been hard for me not to pick them up. Its just too many to get.

    I really liked Search for Swamp Thing too. I love how Batman thinks Constantine is just full of it. It is funny seeing Constantine talking to Batman.

    Planet of the Apes? I'll check it out.

    I did not read Superman #712, I dropped Superman the 4th issue into JMS's run. I will check this out too. I was real excited for JMS's run on Superman after his Brave and the Bold run, but I feel like he just dropped the ball. Has this story picked up some?

    Gates of Gotham is great, It does have a very ROBW feel to it. This book is whats making me excited about Snyder's Batman #1 and his new Swamp Thing!

  7. So I just did it! I added all 52 of the DCnU books to my pull list. Its a big price tag but its going to be fun. There is no way I will be able to keep up on all 52 titles. I want to keep a open mind to what titles I'm going to like so I will weed them down as I go.

  8. My LCS was sold out of all the Planet of the Apes, and Superman 712. Bummer.

  9. Okay, the temptation to copy your format proved too strong. I am diagnosed OCD, you know. So here goes and if you hate the length, oopsy!

    Tier One, books I’m most looking forward to. I expect them to be terrific based on creative team, concept (blurb) and character(s).

    Justice League Geoff Johns & Jim Lee: Old school heroic fiction set in a super-hero shared universe? I'm in.
    Batwoman J.H. Williams III, Haden Blackman & Amy Reeder: The addition of Reeder more than balances out the loss of Rucka!
    Legion Lost Fabian Nicieza & Pete Woods: Fabian knows teams and the set up is intriguing.
    Legion of Superheroes Paul Levitz & Francis Portela: No revision except the missing seven and whomever dies? YAY X 1000!
    Teen Titans Scott Lobdell, Brett Booth, & Norm Rapmund: It's Lobdell and Booth's art has impossibly gotten MORE homoerotic!
    Stormwatch Paul Cornell & Miguel Sepulveda: It's Cornell doing a concept he does well.
    Blue Beetle Tony Bedard, Ig Guara & Ruy Jose: This sounds like a repeat of what I loved about volume one but with a higher profile writer. Can't miss!

    My tier two, the books I’m looking forward to, but fall just below the Tier ONE books:

    The Flash Francis Manapul & Brian Buccallato: Love Barry and the art but the scripting has me wary.

    Demon Knights Paul Cornell, Diogenes Neves & Oclair Albert: Cornell for the win!
    Resurrection Man Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning & Fernando Dagnino: Always regretted missing volume one when I wasn't collecting comics so this is my chance.
    I, Vampire Josh Fialkov & Andrea Sorrentino: I love vampire fiction so much I even read Lindsay Sands so this is a no brainer.

    The books I’m getting based on the writer, artist or both, but not necessarily the character(s), tier three.

    Red Lanterns Peter Milligan, Ed Benes & Rob Hunter: Milligan did Enigma so he has a lot of points from me despite his X-men run and Infinity Inc.
    Red Hood and The Outlaws Scott Lobdell & Kenneth Rocafort: Buying this for Lobdell and perverse curiosity about Jason's journey.
    Justice League Dark Peter Milligan & Mikel Janin: It's a dumb name and maybe an unworkable cast but it's Milligan!
    Catwoman Judd Winick & Guillem March: Love me some Winick!
    Superboy Scott Lobdell, RB Silva & Rob Lean: Lobdell for the trifecta!

  10. Okay, it wouldn't let everything in one post so
    Tier four, books I’m getting based on the character(s) or concept, in spite of or regardless of the creative team; the blurb piqued my interest.

    Wonder Woman Brian Azzarello & Cliff Chiang: I mostly want to support a non-bathing suit clad Wonder Woman.
    Green Lantern: The New Guardians Tony Bedard, Tyler Kirkham & Batt: Kyle!

    books I have little to no interest in; I may get them because I’m a sucker for DCE products, but I may skip them entirely. I won’t decide until I get my September order form.

    Green Arrow J.T. Krul & Dan Jurgens: Hate Ollie and dislike teh creative team.
    Aquaman by Johns and Reese: See him as a team player and have been bored with him since Aparo left.
    The Fury of Firestorm Gail Simone, Ethan Van Sciver & Yildiray Cinar: Ugly costumes and I have a Van Sciver allergy.
    Justice League International Dan Jurgens & Aaron Lopresti: Jurgens is too much for a cool concept to overcome for me.
    Mister Terrific Eric Wallace & Robert Robinson: Why?
    Captain Atom J.T. Krul & Freddie Williams III: Again, why?
    DC Universe Presents Rotating Teams: First story only. We'll see in the future.
    The Savage Hawkman Tony Daniel & Philip Tan: The barbarian imposter written by one of my least favorite artist/writers? Pass.
    Green Lantern Geoff Johns & Doug Mahnke: Haven't read an issue since Acuna's two parter.
    Green Lantern Corps Peter Tomasi, Fernando Pasarin & Scott Hanna: Tomasi is too gory for me.
    Batman Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo: Capullo, who made me love Quasar, was almost enough but I've never read any Snyder and I prefer Bruce on teams.

  11. And because your comment thing hates me:

    Detective Comics Tony Daniel: I think I dislike his art more since I've bought more of that than his 'writing'.
    Batman & Robin Peter Tomasi & Patrick Gleeson: Tomasi plus Damian? Pass.
    Batman: The Dark Knight David Finch & Richard Friend: A quarterly book is easy to skip anyways.
    Batgirl Gail Simone, Ardian Syaf & Vicente Cifuentes: It's a step backwards and costing me my favorite female lead, Stephanie Brown.
    Birds of Prey Duane Swierczynski & Jesus Saiz: What little is revealed looks awfula nd I dislike teh writer.
    Nightwing Kyle Higgins & Eddy Barrows
    Batwing Judd Winick & Ben Oliver: You will believe a Bat-Book can be canceled.
    Swamp Thing Scott Snyder, Yanick Paquette & Francesco Francavilla: Honestly? Pasko and Veitch are the only writers I ever liked on Swamp Thing. I might sample if I hear good things.
    Animal Man Jeff Lemire, Travel Foreman & Dan Green: OCD and mad spare money is the only reason I read Animal Man before.
    Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE Jeff Lemire & Alberto Ponticelli: Morrison concepts in other hands tend to suck so hard they pull paint off the walls.
    Voodoo Ron Marz & Sami Basri: Oh god no.
    Static Shock John Rozum, Scott McDaniel & Jonathan Glapion: I'll wait for reviews.
    Hawk & Dove Sterling Gates & Rob Liefeld: Liefeld could keep me off of any book besides Legion or X-Men.
    Blackhawks Mike Costa & Ken Lashley: Good word of mouth could change my mind on this one.
    Sgt. Rock and the Men of War Ivan Brandon & Tom Derenick: Don't care for Army comics.
    All-Star Western Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray & Moritat: Only Jonah Hex I ever liked was when he was in the future.
    Deathstroke Kyle Higgins, Joe Bennett, & Art Thibert: Slade since Infinite Crisis has me staying away from this.
    Grifter Nathan Edmundson, Cafu, & Bit: DC's Gambit and I hate Gambit.
    Omac Dan DiDio, Keith Giffen, & Scott Koblish: This looks to top Outsiders as Didio's worst work.
    Suicide Squad Adam Glass & Marco Rudy: No heroes? No Steve.
    Action Comics Grant Morrison & Rags Morales: Bored with Superman and dislike metatextual references.
    Superman (Man of Tomorrow) George Perez & Jesus Merino: Bored with Superman plus still haven't forgiven perez for late shipping of that Legion mini.
    Supergirl Michael Green, Mike Johnson & Mahmud Asrar: Didn't like her in the 70's, actively dislike her now.

    I am the anti-HBR remember, taste wise anyways...

  12. Yo Joe!!!
    I turned my order form in the other day and I decided not to pre-order BLUE BEETLE, CAP ATOM, DCU PRESENTS, O.M.A.C., STATIC SHOCK, SUICIDE SQUAD or VOODOO.

    That may change as more intel is rolled out for each series, though.

    I wish BATMAN, INC. was relaunching with the rest. The wait between "seasons" is going to be HELLA tough!

  13. Hey Steve!!!
    "Too long?" HELL no! Look how long my post was!

  14. What am I missing about Cornell that so many others see?

    I loved his work on CAP BRITAIN & MI13, but his KNIGHT & SQUIRE and ACTION COMICS have done NOTHING for me.

  15. I have no interest in Bruce and Clark and especially their spin offs so I skipped Knight & Squire and Action Comics so my good will towards Cornell is directly off of his Marvel work, which also includes work on Dark X-Men and Young Avengers. I have heard that his DC work has been uneven but that could be due to the more iconic nature of the DC properties. Demon Knights and Stormwatch should play to Cornell's strengths better with so many fringe characters involved.

  16. Daniel, you said your store lets you have all the Variants at regular price? I will be SO jealous over that AWESOME David Finch Variant for JUSTICE LEAGUE #1!!!! That is beautiful!!! (My store jacks them up to Hell and back!).

  17. The ratio for the JL variant is 25:1, so that will be cover for me.

    Do you want me to get one for you? I actually don't like the Finch variant, so you can have it if you want it.

  18. Looking at the solicits for the #3 issues, I think I'M IN! for the WHOLE DCnU!!! Looking forward to SUICIDE SQUAD, TEEN TITANS, even freakin' JONAH HEX!!!!! ALL 52 for me!!!!!!

    My only possible hold out is VOODOO. I couldn't care less about bisexual women. I guess Kyle Rayner will get me to purchase #3 though.

    ACTION COMICS looks just about PERFECT!!!!

  19. I used to wonder about your pathological hatred of Cornell, but this latest ACTION arc is atrocious. I mean, unreadable.

    Kryptodawg was another Earth Beer 30 slave; he's crying in his beer about losing the old DCU.

    Were you buds with that gay alcoholic Bearscout? He's actually supporting the DCnU, surprisingly!

  20. I just read THE DARK KNIGHT #4~ not bad! I know you're a Finch Hatah, though...

    Jason Todd & Roy Harper? TOGETHER???? I'm there!!!!!!!! Whoo hoo!!!!!

    Devin Grayson always said that Roy liked guys, too!

  21. Bear is my buddy. I doubt that he's an alcoholic. He's actually a pretty stand up guy.

  22. I loved Cornel's work on CAP BRIT & MI13. I don't know what happened when he moved to DC – maybe he was planted by Quesada to undermine as much of the DCU as possible, since ALL of his DC work has been bottom of the barrel awful.

  23. I bought 200 SECRET INVASION books for less than $50... What a rip off!!! Those who bitch about DC's EVENTS should read that Marvel CRAP!!!! WORSE ending than INFINITE CRISIS!!!!!!!!!

    So, I know DC is not skimping on writers, 'cause SI was AWFUL. Each "Prelude" was THE SAME STORY!!!!!!!!

    Bearscout said on that site you forwarded to me that he's a drug addict/alcoholic.

  24. And you make claim Morrison is "drug-free", although he obviously still does ACID.....

    "Darling, came here..." I SIT ON ACID!!!!!!!!!!